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Testeck is a company that focuses on providing high temperature resistant, lightweight, miniaturised, specialised and integrated cable penetration sealing solutions for the industrial sector.

The company follows ISO9001, TS22163 (international railway quality management system), ISO13485 (medical device quality management system), engaged in independent research and development, manufacturing and sales, the company has a group of technical team and quality team engaged in the field of industrial cables for more than 10 years, cable through the wall sealing components by a team of more than 20 spatial sealing experts, and according to the customer’s actual working condition Continuous innovation.

The product line mainly includes low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant, instrumentation (sensor) cables, data cables, multifunctional integrated cables, spring cables, high temperature series cables and so on.

Application areas include aerospace, rail transport, clean energy (wind power, nuclear power, photovoltaic, hydropower), automotive industrial vehicles, instrumentation, sensor technology and so on.

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