Types and Solution of Electronic Harness

electronic harness

electronic harness

Electronic wiring harness

Medical Harness

electronic harness medical

The medical wiring harness is the circuit of medical electronic equipment,

and it can be said that without the wiring harness, medical electronic equipment cannot function normally.

The medical wiring harness is made of electronic wires cut to a suitable length according to the drawings,

and then punched with copper to form contact terminals (connectors) that are crimped with wires and cables,

and then molded on the outside with insulators or metal shells, etc., to wire harnesses.

Components that are bundled to form connected circuits.

Industrial computer wiring harness

electronic harness industrial computer

Almost every manufacturing process uses computers and computer-aided work.

At the heart of these powerful machines is the wiring harness.

Robot Harness

electronic harness robot

The fire robot wire harness includes a wire core, a chute, a rotating shaft and an elastic belt.

The fire robot wire harness is provided with an elastic belt.

The use of the elastic belt facilitates the use of the wire harness and increases the service life of the wire harness.

Most of the pre-production elements of electronic wiring harness manufacturing can actually be completed through automation,

which is very critical for automated equipment.

Automation can actually greatly simplify the order process,

allowing manufacturers to produce more consistent, high-quality products, and Less time consuming.

Communication Harness

electronic harness communicate

Few technological advances can change the course of history like the development of the telecommunication industry.

The core of the development of the telecommunication industry is the electronic wiring harness.

The transmission performance of the electronic wiring harness provides a good transmission connection for data communication.

The display connection cable includes the data cable connecting the host computer and the display screen, and the power cable connecting the power supply.

The printer cable is the cable used to connect the printer to the computer.

It is generally divided into two types: USB printing cable and parallel port printing cable.

Refers to the printing line that uses parallel transmission to transmit data.

Because this interface is easy to damage and the transmission speed is slow, it is basically replaced by the USB interface now.

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