Fire resistant computer cable

Fire resistant computer cable is low smoke, halogen free, and flame retardant. Under fire conditions, the powered cable or the cable to be powered on will still maintain normal operation for 90 minutes or 120 minutes; Fire-resistant computer cables are mainly used for automation equipment and instruments. The connection of protection lines is also applicable to automatic protection line connections in public safety. This cable can transmit analog and digital signals.

Reference Standards

1. TICW/06-2009 Computer and Instrument Cables
2. GB/T19666-2008 General Principles for Flame Retardant and Fire Resistant Cables
3. EN50200-2015 Test Method for Fire Resistance of Unprotected Small Cables for Emergency Circuits

Product Features

Voltage level: 300V/500V
2. Temperature resistance range: – 40-90 ℃
Section area: 0.75-1.5mm2
4. Number of cable cores: 1-19 pairs
5. Fire resistance time: 90 min and 120 min, using a ceramic silicone insulation system, which can withstand 15 minutes of fire water spray, and the circuit still continues to work.
6. Bending radius: fixed laying 5D; Non fixed laying 6D (D refers to the outer diameter of the cable)

matters needing attention:
1. Installation of fire-resistant cables. Fire-resistant cables cannot be directly bent by 90 ° (the refractory layer of the cable will undergo long-term stress cracking).
2. The terminals and connection ends of all fire-resistant cables should be damp proof (the fire-resistant layer has moisture absorption, which will affect the electrical performance of the line).
The cross section of the cable conductor should be 1 to 2 larger design cross sections. It is not recommended to select a smaller cross section, such as 0.5mm ² And below, which may fuse the conductor (for reference only)
4. The outer diameter of the cable should be as much as possible using power control cables with a diameter of less than 20mm. If the cable is larger than 20mm, the combustion time will increase.

Product number Product Category Number of cores Section squared
ZRN-DJVPVP Fire retardant PVC insulated split screen PVC

sheathed total screen computer cable

1-19 pair 0.75-1.5mm2
WDZN(A-D)-DJYPYP Fire-resistant low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant

polyethylene insulated split screen polyolefin sheathed

total screen computer cable

1-19 pair 0.75-1.5mm2
WDZN(A-D)-DJTGPYP Fire-resistant, low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant,

ceramicized silica gel insulation, split-screen, polyolefin

sheathed, total-screen computer cable

1-19 pair 0.75-1.5mm2
Weight 0.433 kg
Dimensions 91 × 157 × 122 cm

Blue, Green, Red

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