PEEK wire

PEEK wire has a temperature resistance range of -100-250℃, low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant and meets EN45545-2 fire HL3 level. This product has long-term high and low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, seawater resistance, light weight (relative to fluorine materials) It can reduce weight by 40.8% and 23.6%), small size and excellent mechanical properties; it is widely used in aerospace instrumentation internal wiring and connecting lines, submersible pump motor winding lines and connecting lines, nuclear power plants, automobiles, ships and other fields .




1. Temperature resistance grade: -100-250℃, short-term 260℃
2. Rated voltage: 300V 600V
3. Mechanical strength: >100Mpa
4. Scratch resistance: >10000 times
5. Section square: (32AWG-18AWG)
6. Number of cable cores: 1-48 cores
7. Conductor: tin-plated, silver-plated, alloy
8. Bending radius 6D (special requirements)

PEEK catagory
Product number Product Category Number of cores Section squared Temperature rating
TST-AK-DXT Tinned copper core PEEK insulated wire and cable 1 core 32AWG-18AWG -100-250℃
TST-AKPX-DXT Tinned Conductor PEEK Insulation Tinned Shielded PEEK Sheath 1-48 core 32AWG-20AWG -100-250℃
TST-AK-DYT Silver plated copper core PEEK insulated wire and cable 1 core 32AWG-18AWG -100-250℃
TST-AKPX-DYT Silver Plated Conductor PEEK Insulation Silver Plated Screen PEEK Sheath 1-48 core 32AWG-20AWG -100-250℃
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