CAN Bus RS485 RS422 data cable

CAN Bus/RS485/RS422 data cable are Low Smoke Halogen Free. These communication protocols mainly used in automotive computer control systems and embedded industrial control LANs, designed to provide reliable communication in electrically noisy environments. CAN(Controller Area Network) belongs to the field bus category, which is a serial communication network that effectively supports distributed control or real-time control.

Reference Standards

Comply with TJ/CL313-2014 Technical requirements for wires and cables of EMU

Pass BS6853:1999 and DIN5510-2:2009 Fireproof, smoke and toxicity testing

Comply with the requirements of internal and external cables of Class Ia, Ib and II locomotives in BS6853:1999

Comply with the requirements of flammability class S1~S5 in DIN5510-2:2009

ISO 11898 standard


English 45545-2

British Standard 6853


Usage Features

  1. The rated AC voltage level:300V AC
  2. Temperature resistance range: – 40~90 ℃
  3. Characteristic impedance: 120Ω±12Ω(0.75~3MHZ)
  4. Bending radius: 6D (D refers to the outer diameter of the cable)
  5. Conductor: Category 5 and Category 6 flexible conductors
    Conductor material: bare copper, tin plated, silver plated
  6. Insulation: Polyethylene
  7. Shielding: Aluminum foil + tinned
  8. Sheath: Irradiated cross-linked polyolefin or elastic colloid


structure SIZE

Model Thickness of insulation
Outer diameter D
Outer diameter D
Reference weight
2×2×26AWG 1.2 6.2 6.8 43
4×2×26AWG 1.2 7.2 7.8 64
2×0.5+1×0.5 2.4 6.7 7.2 68
4×0.5 2.9 9 9.5 96
4×0.75 3.4 10.2 10.8 128
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