Vehicle Jumper cable TST-382 120℃ 3.6/6.0kV

Vehicle jumper cable is Low Smoke Halogen Free, used for electrical connections between railway vehicles, for power connection, control and signal connection, data connection, train control command connection, etc. This is a special type of cable that must withstand various mechanical changes, climate changes, and various chemical attacks. This type of cable has high reliability and safety.

Reference Standards

Comply with TJ/CL313-2014 Technical requirements for wires and cables of EMU

Pass BS6853:1999 and DIN5510-2:2009 Fireproof, smoke and toxicity testing

Comply with the requirements of internal and external cables of Class Ia, Ib and II locomotives in BS6853:1999

Comply with the requirements of flammability class S1~S5 in DIN5510-2:2009

EN45545 European fire rating standard


Usage Features

  1. The rated AC voltage level: 3.6/6.0kV
  2. Temperature resistance range: – 50~120 ℃
  3. Passed BS6853, DIN5510-2, EN45545-2 fire protection R15, R16 (HL3 level)
  4. Insulation strength: >8Mpa
  5. Elongation at break: >200%
  6. Bending radius: fixed laying 5D; Non fixed laying 6D (D refers to the outer diameter of the cable)
  7. The cable meets the low-smoke and halogen-free performance. The gas release testing during cable combustion meets the requirements of total halogen gas < 5mg/g, pH value ≥ 4.3, conductivity≤10us/mm and light transmittance≥70%.
  8. Toxicity index: The equivalent European standard toxicity index shall not be greater than 3, and the equivalent TB standard toxicity index shall not be greater than 5.
  9. The cable can be used in the occasion polluted by mineral oil and fuel oil.
  10. The cable is resistant to single cable vertical burning.
  11. Solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
  12. Cables can be produced in various colors according to customer requirements.


Cable structure

Conductor: Tinned copper annealed copper wire Class 5 conductor

Insulation: Silicone rubber

Shielding: Polyester or aramid Braided

Sheath: Silicone rubber

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